Boytone BT-17DJ 3-Speed Stereo Turntable Review

boytone btWouldn’t it be fantastic if you didn’t have to buy a music device for every single music format and listening method there is? Wouldn’t it be great if there was one device that plays all of them? Well, now, there is! You can put away all your old music players and make room for Boytone’s 3-speed stereo that gives its owners the unique opportunity of listening to all of their favourite songs on one device regardless of their format. If you’d like to find out more about this amazing device, keep reading this review, where we look in detail at the features of this amazing record player!

This fantastic music device which allows you to play any music format you have in your home looks like a simple music player with a mechanism that plays records on top of it. And, actually, that’s what it is. The body of the device has all the buttons to turn the device on or off, to change formats, turn the volume up or down, a headphone jack and many more, and on the top, there is a record playing mechanism with a plastic cover to stop the accumulation of dust.

The main characteristic of this device is the much emphasised ability to play different music formats. It doesn’t matter if you want to listen to your records, cassettes or CDs, this device plays it all. You can even play MP3s from more unconventional storage devices (as far as music goes) like a USB flash drive or SD card. Boytone BT-17DJ 3-speed stereo also has an inbuilt radio player so if you get bored from listening to your records, cassettes or CDs you can always tune in to listen to the newest hits. And, let’s not forget the most important thing- to switch between all the different options this device has, you can use the wireless remote that comes with it!

If you have Boytone BT-17DJ 3-speed stereo you won’t need a computer to convert your records or cassettes into a MP3 format, though you can do this with the Boytone if you need to. You can also listen to music from your iPod or smartphone thanks to its 3.5mm auxiliary input jack that allows you to connect any device that has a headphone jack to the stereo.

This device comes with two high-quality speakers found on both sides and even has useful bass-boost technology for all those who enjoy the rich sound of bass and the electronic types of music which utilize it so well. Boytone BT-17DJ 3-Speed Stereo Turntable is a manual device, so you will have to place the tonearm onto the record on your own and remove it after it’s finished playing. To those who are not familiar with the process we recommend reading the instructions first because the improper placement of the tonearm might affect the quality of the sound, but this isn’t rocket science and you’ll quickly be used to it.

Considering all the amazing features this device has, Boytone BT-17DJ 3-Speed Stereo Turntable comes with a pretty low price. This device will not only save you your money but will also save you a lot of space as you won’t have to think where to put all those different devices you’ve had so far.


TEAC TN-300 Record Player Review

tn300 teac turntableRecord players are well and truly back! Vinyl sales are soaring and we have all the reviews you need when it comes to reviving your collection with a new improved record player, often with many added features you won’t have been used to if you’ve used historic record players and turntables! The TEAC TN-300 is definitely among the best of these models today, with a contemporary and fashionable look and masses of selling points.

At the point when turntables initially entered the mainstream (many years ago) reviewers and consumers went wild about them, and you can see why, it was the first time we could have music in our own homes. Before long they were one of the best sellers, and for loads of us they were the main gadget used to play music for many years. Then again, once the more present day music players were developed they figured out how to overtake and outdo the humble home turntable.

Be that as it may, turntables have proved persistent, and they’re back. Even though they might not be the most convenient, many argue they are the best quality format for listening to music. Today there are so many modern and slick models that can be an extraordinary purchase, and one of them well worth taking about is the TEAC TN-300.

This is an advanced turntable with a somewhat minimalist look. It comes in a few different colors which you can pick from which will go in your house. The turntable is little, so it won’t take up much valuable space. The base is secured by a mat which keeps the dust from aggregating onto it and causing problems.

On to the audio. I was really astounded by the quality sound that is provided by such a little product. It without a doubt is an effective model that can be useful whether you’re alone listening on headphones or speakers or with a gathering of people. Aux cables can plug it into other devices and speakers so you can get things really booming.

This is a manual belt-driven model that is far from difficult to get going. The turntable is totally manual which relates to the use of the tone arm and means you need to do this yourself rather than it being automated. For the few out there who have never used a turntable it can be a test to put the tonearm to use, however after a couple of practices it will be second nature to anyone. I’ve put a video of this specific model below (note the nice cherry wood style) being used. Somebody has made a youtube vid of the playback and how to work it, so now you don’t have to worry!

The TEAC’s modernity is proven by the USB port that empowers its users to rip audio to your computer (whatever the OS) and even has software to help. This will offer you assistance with saving your record collection from days gone by, and if you use an iPod it means, of course, you can take your albums and singles out on the go with you, whether on a plane journey or just a long walk, obviously portability is not something turntables can offer. This is a big benefit, and many people listen to vinyl rips in preference to MP3s taken from CDs due to the quality, or maybe just to hear that crackle we all know and love.

So, how does this treat your pocket book? For those with restricted spending plans it isn’t something that you can buy with pocket money. Yet if you can afford it, the clear and crisp sound it produces is really worth it. There’s not much point moving to vinyl if you’re not going to get something to play it well. TEAC is proving to be a superb brand for these kind of products, and the added features which, lets face it, you don’t necessarily expect from a product like this, make it worth the cash. Looking for a cheap option? This might not be it. Looking for the best? This is worth considering.

In conclusion, even the most road hardened muso will be extremely satisfied with this purchase should you go ahead and take the plunge. It will give you a chance to have the capacity to hear music you’ve always loved in a different way, they may even sound better. Lets face it, crate digging is fun, and you might just want something to rip sounds from vinyl you find at flea markets and boot sales. This allows you to do that and more, listen, rip, edit, the possibilities are endless. Huge amounts of positive reviews available on any online retailer really speaks for itself, but we’ll add to the pile; comes with our recommendation for the casual listener or music fanatic.